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As a business owner, you probably find little time to keep up with office cleaning. Routine, thorough cleaning can be a demanding chore and your schedule may not allow the necessary time commitment.  Valentine Cleaning Service is a local commercial office cleaning company providing services to all of Lubbock, TX. To keep your office shining bright, consider our extraordinary cleaning crew.

Your office is the face of your business. At all times, it should be clean and presentable. Routine cleaning is important, but wouldn’t it be nice to tackle those deep cleaning jobs too? With the help of the commercial office cleaning crew at Valentine Cleaning Service, your business can sparkle from top to bottom. We handle all of your routine cleaning jobs but place a special emphasis on deep cleaning, windows, and more!

Below, you’ll find just some of the commercial office cleaning services that are available to our Lubbock, TX customers.

Floor Cleaning

It doesn’t take much for an office floor to become dirty and worn. In high traffic areas around the office, the problem can become even more noticeable. Not only will regular floor cleaning improve the cleanliness of your office, it can also help to minimize safety risks from slips and falls.

Our floor cleaning services can include a variety of methods, depending on the type of flooring you currently have. Our cleaning experts have the perfect solution for linoleum, tile, and hardwood flooring throughout your office.

Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that by professionally deep cleaning your carpets, you can actually extend their life? Not only will you get to enjoy your beautifully clean carpets, you’ll also get to put off investing in brand new carpeting in the near future. It’s a great way to save money while still getting brighter and fresher carpeting for your office.

Valentine’s will take care of the carpet cleaning for your entire office. Our deep cleaning will lift unsightly stains, ground in dirt, allergens and more. Request a quote today to find out if our commercial carpet cleaning is right for you.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning the windows is usually everyone’s least favorite chore on the to-do list. When it comes to commercial window cleaning, the job only gets more challenging. If you have a small, first floor office, the job might not seem so bad. If you have a larger office or aren’t located on the ground floor, you may start to wonder just how much time and effort it will take to clean the interior and exterior of all the windows.

Valentine’s is pleased to provide window cleaning services for all of our commercial clients. We handle both interior and exterior windows of all shapes and sizes. Your business should stand out and impress your clients and visitors. Don’t leave any area of your office unattended to.


For the best in commercial office cleaning, Valentine’s Cleaning Services is the one to call. We’ve been in business since 1985 and have many satisfied customers who rely on us for professional services. To learn more about all that we do, give us a call. We are proud to serve all of Lubbock, TX & the surrounding areas.

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As a trusted provider of commercial cleaning services in the Lubbock, Tx area, at Valentine’s we’re fully bonded, licensed, insured and worker’s compensation provided. Contact us today to receive your FREE QUOTE!